Customized Services to Enhance Performance and Nutrition

This can be provided through individual sessions or programs designed to accommodate the level of input a person desires on their sport/exercise training and/or nutrition. Examples include:

Initiative Coaching: A once monthly consultation to review training design and nutrition goals. This will include a 1 1/2 hour consultation along with assessment.

Focused Coaching: A monthly service that provides accountability through continuous contact. This will include a 1 hour initial session, assessment of focus areas, one telephone call per week and unlimited email communication.

Time Based Communication: A consultation based on the requested amount of coaching time or the amount of time required to answer the question of focus.
FITNESS & PERFORMANCE TESTING (camps, clinics and one to one)

Designed to measure the effectiveness of training and assist in overcoming limitations to performance. Examples include:

  • Heart Rate Fitness Evaluation
  • Metabolic Testing
  • Blood Lactate Testing
    (with a sport specific design)
  • Training Design & Perodization
  • Body Composition Assessment
  • Hydration and Sweat Rate Testing
  • Evaluation of supplements
    and ergogenic aids
  • Strategies for performing & training in different environments (heat, altitude)
  • Strategies for Travel &
    Overcoming Jetlag

Included but not limited to:
  • Nutrient Timing
  • Travel Nutrition/Planning
  • Competition strategies

  • Consulting:
  • Research Design
  • Business Development
  • Corporate Wellness
  • Writing

  • Coaching Education (physiology, nutrition, strength & conditioning topics):
  • Workshops/Clinics
  • Camps

  • Webinars & Speaking Engagements:
  • Address Identified Topic
    Areas & Population