Clients, Testimonials & Recommendations

"As a former professional athlete, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Krista Austin, in helping to improve my athletic performance through diet and high performance sport science. Krista provided my professional team and I, with a wealth of knowledge and understanding. Through the outstanding work of this relationship, I have recently asked Krista to assist my company in providing her top-notch services to the professional athletes that I'm currently working with. I'm very excited about this continued relationship, because I know personally, with her, we will be able to provide our clients with the best possible sports science available to elite athletes. Krista, Body By Batten Inc would like to take this time to thank you very much, for the opportunity to work with you. Looking Forward, Kim Batten.”
-Kim Batten,
American Record Holder 400mH, Former World Record Holder 400mH

“Thank you for going beyond your duties to help me out. You are a true friend who has been there for me and my family. There is no words to describe what you did for me. All I can say is thank you and you are awesome. Thank you for your friendship.”
-Meb Keflezighi,
2009 NYC Marathon Champion, 2004 Olympic Silver Medalist, Men's Marathon & American Record Holder 10,000m

“We have accomplished many incredible things in our sport. Krista has been instrumental in assisting us to reach our full potential. We have full faith in her scientific approach to sport. We highly recommend her to anyone who wants to have the edge over their competition.”
-The Lopez Family
The First Family of Tae Kwon Do

"I find myself pretty in tune with my body. I found Krista a great sounding board to confirm my knowledge, and offer me new nutritional perspectives."
-Laura Bennett, Professional Triathlete
4x World Championship Medalist
2x Olympic USA Triathlon Team Member

"Krista is the best nutritionist I've had the pleasure of working with. Her innovative methods helped give me the edge to make my first world team last year. She helped me shrink my body and maintain my strength while cutting large amounts of weight. She is a pleasure to work with and really went above and beyond the call of duty!"
-Trent Paulson
USA Wrestling World Championship Team Member (66kg)

“Thank you for helping me to compete “clean”, and 100% Me!”
-Tyree Washington, 400m
2xWorld Champion
4xWorld Championship Medalist
4x 400m Relay Gold Medalist
2x USA Champion

"Krista, I would like to express my gratitude for scientifically constructing a plan for the optimal balance of physical and aesthetic required in Ice Dancing. You have presented a new way of looking at diet with timing, which I apply frequently, and I will definitely continue to refer back to in the future. I look forward to my continuous friendship with you and would like to again say thank you!”
-Jane Summersett
USA Figure Skating, International & National Competitive Ice Dancer

"Krista does a great job of defining your training needs. She is professional, caring and always supportive. Her expertise is of great value to any elite athlete."
-Hazel Clark, 800m (track and field)
5xUSA Outdoor Champion
3x USA Indoor Champion

"Krista is not only incredibly knowledgeable but also very easy to communicate with. She created a program based on my specific needs both physically and mentally. She is awesome!!!"
Crystal Ransom, Judo Olympian

"Currently, I am a competing weightlifter and a diet is key to compete. I could never get my diet just right until I met Krista Austin. Krista helped me not only achieve an optimal diet, but she helped me understand the food I was eating. I used to get tired through workouts but with the small adjustments in my current diet, made a complete difference. I not only felt better but I started to notice and so did others that my physic started to change as well. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else but Krista Austin to anyone who is interested in nutrition and exercise. Krista really understands the body and truly works with you until you find an answer to your problem. I look forward to working with Krista in the future and again I couldn’t recommend anyone else but Krista Austin."
Karen Wyatt
USA Weightlifting, Olympic Hopeful